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Warm Home Checks

Across East Sussex there is a range of support if you’re struggling to afford to keep warm and to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.  For example:

  • Citizens Advice East Sussex can provide fuel vouchers for those facing a financial crisis
  • The Warm Home Check service provides free energy advice and support, including how best to keep the home warm and reduce energy costs. It is also able to offer eligible households a free Warm Home Check energy efficiency assessment which includes:
    • Small home improvement measures such as pipe insulation, draught proofing, or radiator reflectors
    • Emergency temporary heating should someone’s heating breakdown or if it is insufficient
    • Access to government grants (subject to eligibility and limited availability) for larger home energy efficiency upgrades.


You can find out more information, or contact the Warm Home Check service using the simple online form, at: 

The service can also be contacted on 0800 464 7307 or by texting WARM to 80011