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Covid 19 – Reminder about testing

Covid-19 Information

  • You should keep lateral flow tests at home
  • You should keep lateral flow tests at home to use if you have symptoms. You can order these free of charge from or by calling 119.
  • From 1 October 2023, the way you access tests may change. More information will be available at
  • You should take a test if you have COVID symptoms
  • If you have COVID symptoms, you should take a test immediately, even if your symptoms are mild.
  • If your test is negative but you continue to have symptoms, you should take another test on each of the next two days (three tests in total over three days).
  • You should report your test result where possible at or by calling 119, using your NHS number and postcode. This will ensure your test result is visible to the NHS, to support referral and assessment.
  • You will not be able to report the result of a test purchased from a pharmacy or shop through the website but this will not affect your access to an assessment for treatment.