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Julie Watson

I am responsible for the development of the Primary care network services and provide strategical leadership of the Primary care network team. I liaise with the Intergrated care board, NHS … [continue] Julie Watson

Patsy Charman

patsy charman photo

I am responsible for clinical leadership of the primary care network team, I also manage the e-hub and online consultations and providing clinical triage of referrals. I have been in … [continue] Patsy Charman

Julie Brown

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I am a Care Coordinator working as part of a Team for Rural Rother Network. My Job involves care and support needs on the Enhanced Health in Care Homes DES. … [continue] Julie Brown

Lauren Walbrin

Lauren Walbrin photo

I am a Care Coordinator Tackling Health Inequalities working as part of the Rural Rother PCN, I joined the team in September 2022. My job involves working with the 7 … [continue] Lauren Walbrin

Caroline Hardy

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I joined Rural Rother at the start of September 2022, as a Care Navigator. My job is to support the primary care network practice clinical team, by providing administrative management … [continue] Caroline Hardy

Heidi Kong

I’m joining the Rural Rother PCN as clinical pharmacist after completing the East Sussex Multisector Pharmacist Foundation to Advanced Training Programme. I have gained valuable experience working in different setting: … [continue] Heidi Kong

Josephine Amoah

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I am a Multisector Pharmacist with experience of working in acute hospital, rehabilitation hospital, mental health and the integrated care system (ICS). As part of my training in the Multisector … [continue] Josephine Amoah

Karen O’Hara

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Karen O’Hara is one of our First Contact Physiotherapists and is able to assess patients with soft tissue, muscle and joint pain and to decide on the most appropriate management … [continue] Karen O’Hara