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SELF CARE – HelpMyNHS to give me the best care

With many common ailments you can care for yourself using medicines bought over the counter at a pharmacy – you don’t need a prescription.  Every year in Sussex and East Surrey more than £10 million is spent prescribing medicines and products that are easily available to buy over the counter.  A pack of painkillers costs around 30p from a pharmacy, whereas the cost to the NHS is more than £35 (when all costs are included).
Pharmacists can assess your sumptoms, advise you on how to care for yourself and  what medicines you need.  You don’t need an appointment and many phramcies are open late and at weekends.
Every £1million saved on unnecessary prescriptions could fund around : 39 community nurses or 270 hip replacements or 66 treatments for beast cancer.
The NHS belongs to you so please use it responsibily
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